About Us

Dear Readers, my name is Yuriy Bindas. 

The website was founded to bring you a comprehensive perspective on personal finance that is missing from the big box news outlets. I personally believe that there is a lot of bad information floating out there, and my hope is to filter it out for you as the reader. 

Personal Finance Explained does this by presenting you with up-to-date articles on current financial news as well as with educating you on personal finance more broadly.  I personally believe that the best and most accurate information comes from independent sources like this.

The information is presented from a position of improving your financial well-being and reducing your risk when making financial decisions. I am a believer in staying out of debt and in having an investor mindset.

I come from an educational background in Finance, having earned my degree in 2014.  My professional work experience is almost 10 years of working at an Ivy League Institution. 

My business experience is starting and running side hustles. In addition, I made my first real estate investment in a fixer upper at the onset of Covid-19 and  I am a long term index fund investor.